Best Online Reputation Management Companies

The image of any business or brand is based on its online reputation. A customer will hesitate to buy any product from a brand or company that people don’t trust. In this era of digitization, it’s crucial to get a reputation management expert who can monitor, control, and manage your online presence creating a positive image for your business.

Besides, employing key strategies for boosting the ORM of a company, the best online reputation management companies also use tools to help them out. We have jotted down some famous tools and software used by an online reputation specialist for improving their online status.

1) BuzzSumo:

BuzzSumo allows you to search the entire web for content including your search term. Some common filters you can use for searching include data, b2b publishers, country, domain, word count, and content type.

It also provides you with a content analysis report showing graphs related to engagement on articles on your website. It also helps you monitor competitors allowing you to improve your performance.

2) Google Alerts:

Google Alert is an easy-to-use reputation management tool offered by Google. Simply enter the name of your company and decide the niche you want to get alerts for. Google will keep you updated by sending you emails once a week.

3) Social Mention:

Social Mention is a powerful analyzing tool as it can overview more than 80 social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and so on. You can search by putting in your brand name, blogs, question answers, images, videos, and all. The tool displays the results based on the sentiment of each mention. The software breaks down the score into the following components:

  • Strength: the likelihood for your brand to be discussed on social media.
  • Sentiment: It is the ratio between your positive and negative mentions.
  • Passion: It shows the expected percentage of people that will repeatedly talk about your business.
  • Reach: It shows who has mentioned your business or brand.

4) Review Push:

Review push enables you to get all your online reviews on a single dashboard. The multi-site monitoring and unlimited location are useful features of this software, particularly for firms having branches in different locations. The major benefit of using Review Push is its feature of responding to online reviews. The software alerts you with an online review and also permits you to respond to it. The multi-reporting feature is useful in comparing your rank store on various levels.

5) Reputology:

Reputology is an online review and management platform that helps businesses monitor and respond to customer reviews and comments. If you find any negative reviews or sentiments about your brand or services you can quickly respond to them.

The distinguishing feature of this tool is that apart from social media sites, it also lets you review your reputation from industry-specific review sites. Whereas the location-specific feature allows you to listen to the reviews of the local consumers.

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Best Online Reputation Management Companies