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If you are looking for an SEO company in Ventura, be careful about who you partner with. Not only might you lose your precious time and money, but by choosing the wrong SEO company, you might very well get into trouble with the search engines. Mighty Fish Digital Marketing never lets this happen to our clients. Just do an online search to see how frequently website owners get penalized for bad SEO. Just type “Google penalty negative SEO” into the search bar and click enter. See for yourself.

Why So Many People are Being Penalized for Negative SEO

This has been happening to innocent clients who sometimes invest handsomely into their SEO campaigns. To get their clients' websites ranked instantly, and to get their clients the immediate results they promise, many SEO “experts” will use search engine violations to rank their clients' content. Often, the search engine doesn't notice right away. The client is thankful, gives the SEO company a five-star review, and goes about their business. A couple of months later, the client sees that they have fallen off the world regarding search engine rankings. All of that hard work, time, and money are gone, and the client's website may never rank again.

Mighty Fish is on the Cutting-Edge of SEO

At Mighty Fish Digital Marketing, we never use unethical SEO tactics. We don't need to! Instead of manipulating the search engines, we give the search engines what they want. This way, we're able to provide our clients a boost quickly and keep them rising over time with the momentum that we build. Once at the top, our clients tend to stay at the top so long as ongoing SEO efforts are made.

Partly because of search engine manipulation and partly because due to the desire to give their users a better product, the search engines are always changing. What works for ranking a website today probably won't work for ranking a website tomorrow. Staying up to speed with all of the prominent search engine changes is a daunting task. It is something that requires an expert because so much time has to be invested into learning, monitoring, and changing with the search engines.

We'll Take Your Site to the Top

We know what worked yesterday, we know what works today, and we'll know what will work tomorrow because we eat, sleep, and breathe all things search engine. For example, not too long ago, keyword density was an essential part of SEO. This meant that your keywords had to be used a certain amount of times for your content to rank. As people caught wind of this, people began stuffing their content full of keywords. This created lots of ugly and unuseful content for search engine users. Therefore, search engines stopped indexing sites based on keyword density.

Today, using a keyword only 1-3 times is sufficient. Using the keyword in tags and categories is more important than using the keyword in the content. Also, content with accompanying videos and images receive preference when ranking by search engines, because people like to have visual aids when they are reading things.

Contact an SEO Expert Today

If you would like to talk to an expert from a reputed SEO company in Ventura; make the call or send an email to Mighty Fish Digital Marketing. What we do works. That is why more and more people are partnering with us for their SEO campaigns. We provide free consultations, and we're never pushy. We only want you to choose us if you believe that doing so is right for your business.

seo company Ventura

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