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If you own a business, you simply can’t afford to ignore what is working for your competition and what is gaining them a presence in the search engines. As marketing changes, seemingly from one day to the next, it’s essential that business owners stay current in the trends. Unfortunately, not every business owner has the time and knowledge to get the results they’re looking for.

If your Deland business could use SEO services provided by an expert in the industry, consider calling Website Development. They know what it takes to get websites noticed and connected with locals who are searching for the very goods and services business owners are offering. Other Deland businesses trust Website Development- and you can too.

It can be quite confusing trying to make sense out of what Google’s algorithms mean for your online presence. To put it as simply as possible, Google rewards some websites while imposing penalties on others. Business owners who hire marketing specialists using white hat practices are generously rewarded by Google while the ones who try to cut corners and stand on the shoulders of other websites are penalized for those tactics.

Google’s latest update has given authority to websites with a strong local presence, causing them to move up in their search ranking, one of the rewards business owners are hoping for when new algorithms come out. At the same time, those website owners who thought they could compete better in the market by cut & paste content instead of old-fashioned hard work found out the hard way, Google has taken away any rank they may have built for themselves.

Website Development provides Deland business owners with the SEO services that will get the attention of Google and earn them a prominent place in the search engines. Although the algorithms are still somewhat mysterious in nature, SEO experts are beginning to crack Google’s code and one thing has demonstrated its ability to maximize a website’s online presence: getting your website listed in the local directories.

Google wants customers to have an enjoyable shopping experience when they’re on the Google site, therefore, websites with cluttered and irrelevant content, imagery that is of no value, sites that don’t load well or are not easily navigated and ones that timeout continuously are deemed as not user-friendly. Ultimately, Google wants customers to be able to find the goods and services they’re looking for, quickly and easily.

Local Deland SEO services can help clients and customers who live and work in the same community as you better connect with you. Website Development can get your website listed in the top 50 local directories, to ensure your prospects are able to find you at the very time when they need you- something Google looks very highly on.

Find out what kind of SEO practices your current marketing expert is using. If your search engine presence has started to slip, there’s probably a very good reason for it. Hire Website Development in Deland to employ the SEO services Google is looking to reward. Call 386-734-9844 today to find out how they can get your site found by locals. DeLand SEO Services

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