Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Video Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing  Back in the day, SEO was a far simpler proposition. A website owner could put some ‘keywords’ into their website content and maybe write an article or two once in awhile and throw that out onto the internet. You could actually see the result very quickly and celebrate success. You could easily measure this bottom line and take it to the bank. Today is a totally different matter. It’s very sophisticated and ever changing. You could learn it! The Internet is full of online schools, YouTube has free video tutorials, and many articles are posted online for free. Question ... Read More

New Smyrna Beach Middle School Jazz Band – Lakeside Jazz Festival

New Smyrna Beach Jazz Band Lakeside Jazz Festival New Smyrna Beach Middle School Jazz Band – Lakeside Jazz Festival  Being a proud parent, I can't help but use my resources as a web developer and SEO specialist to show off the talent of my 2 boys. Charles (CG), 14, and Jacob, 12, are both very talented musicians. Today their Jazz band, New Smyrna Beach Middle School Jazz Band, performed at the Lakeside Jazz Festival in Port Orange. Both boys played a solos. Jacob's solo on the clarinet begins about 2:04 into the performance. CG's solo on the trumpet immediately follows. Hit the play button above. Excuse the poor audio, it was a bit windy. And cold... What's up ... Read More

Attacks On WordPress Websites – Is It A Hoax?

Wordpress Website Under Attack Attacks On WordPress Websites – Is It A Hoax?Matt Mullenweg (WordPress founder) recently posted in his blog Right now there’s a botnet going around all of the WordPresses it can find trying to login with the “admin” username and a bunch of common passwords, and it has turned into a news story (especially from companies that sell “solutions” to the problem)... Here's what we know. We currently lease a large, high speed server for the 53 Wordpress websites we manage for our clients. On Thursday April 11, around 12 noon we noticed the server response time was slightly slower than usual. When we checked our server load we found ... Read More

Worldwide Attack Now Targets Joomla And Drupal Sites

WordPress Joomla Drupal Under Attack Worldwide Attack Now Targets Joomla And Drupal SitesIf you manage or own a website on a content management systems (CMS) you know that invalid login attempts are an everyday occurrence. We see literally thousands of invalid login attempts from dozens of different IP addresses in the course of any given day. This is considered normal. However hosting providers worldwide are reporting they are seeing a systematic, well organized attack. The attacks on content management systems are well above average and often times at catastrophic levels. This attack started on or about April 8th, but the hackers became extremely aggressive overnight on April 12th. They have already shut ... Read More

WordPress Websites Across The Globe Are Being Hacked

Wordpress Under Attack WordPress Websites Across The Globe Are Being HackedThere is a highly distributed global attack on all websites using WordPress at every known web hosting provider. The attacks attempt to hack the admin accounts and inject malicious scripts to the website. As of today these attacks are happening at a global level. WordPress installations across the globe are being targeted. Because the attacks are highly distributed, most of the IP’s used are spoofed, it is very difficult to block all malicious data, but not impossible. This is why many servers from every hosting providers have gone down in recent days including big names such as Godaddy and Hostgator. ... Read More

Take Your Search Engine Optimization To The Next Level With Video

Video and SEO Take Your Search Engine Optimization To The Next Level With Video  Watching videos online is becoming more and more common and it is a lot more engaging than just plain text. Online video is a great way to share a message with your audience. It’s also proving to be a reliable way to boost a website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as increase traffic. Video and SEO seem to go hand in hand. Think of all the websites you stumbled upon accidentally because you followed a link from a video someone shared. Even if your video doesn’t go viral, there is still a good chance it can work for ... Read More

Free Single Video Youtube Facebook Application

Single Video Facebook App for YouTube Free Single Video Youtube Facebook ApplicationThe free Single Youtube Facebook application creates a tab on your Facebook business page similar to our first free Youtube Facebook App. In this Facebook tab the YouTube application displays a pre-selected video with the title. The video is set at the time of registration. The video can be changed by simply re-registering the application with the new YouTube video URL. The application must associate your Facebook business page with the video you want to display. Please follow the below instructions carefully. You can see the YouTube application live on this Facebook page. Click Here. To begin the registration process be ... Read More

Free YouTube Facebook Application Revamped

Free YouTube Application for Facebook Free YouTube Facebook Application RevampedWith the many changes Facebook has made to their format and changes to the way tab applications are displayed on their website, our free YouTube Facebook application was over due for a makeover. From the new larger 640px X 360px video player and the new look of the YouTube tab on your Facebook page to streamlining the registration process, the new YouTube app has been completely revamped. The instructions are below. Enjoy! What the free Facebook YouTube application will do The free Youtube Facebook application creates a tab on your Facebook business page. In this tab the application displays ... Read More

Responsive Web Design

Fluid Web Design Responsive Web DesignHandling Cross Browser Compatibility has always been an issue for web developers. In today’s world wide web it’s not uncommon for website visitors to be using many different browsers on many different types of devices. The options seems almost unlimited with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and of course the beast Internet Explorer. There are also many lesser known browsers and 3rd party software for Mac and Linux Operating Systems along with the numerous gaming devices capable of displaying web content. Not to mention the endless number of mobile devices This presents a challenge for both business owners and ... Read More